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Income Protection & Superannuation Claim

Most working Australians have a superannuation policy in place, and many have income protection insurance, either as part of their superannuation or as a stand-alone policy. Superannuation – also known as super, is a fund that you pay a percentage of your earnings into throughout your working life.

If you need to prolonged period away from work due to illness or injury, you may be entitled to claim your income protection insurance. In more serious circumstances, it is even possible to ask for an early release of some or all of your super fund.

If you have become affected by an injury or illness that prevents you from being able to work on a permanent basis, you might be eligible to make a TPD or a Death Benefits claim. You can learn more about death benefits and TPD insurance on our dedicated page.

How simple is it to access income protection or early release of super funds?

The answer to this is that, generally, it is not very simple at all. When you need to, getting your hands on benefits you are entitled to under an income protection insurance policy can mean jumping through many legal hoops. It can be just as tricky to access your super fund, and the process is rarely as simple as many people might hope.

There are partly good reasons to make super a little challenging to access, and the primary purpose of your super fund is to support you when you retire. However, super and income protection policies are also intended to be used in situations where you become ill or injured. Insurers and superannuation funds are corporate bodies with access to expensive external legal representation, or large in-house legal teams. The odds are stacked a claimant, and any application will be carefully scrutinised.

Dealing with insurers will usually mean facing an organisation that is far more concerned with profits than your situation. Your needs will not often align, and it is vital you get the right help. Our expert income protection claim lawyers will help you with any superannuation or income protection claims, so that you can access the funds to which you are entitled.

What does income protection insurance provide?

Income protection insurance is designed to provide you with an income if you are unable to work for a living. Most policies will cover around 75% of your usual income under such circumstances. That will generally be because you have been affected by illness or injury.

Wouldn’t I know if I had Income Protection Insurance?

Many people are unaware that they are covered by an income protection policy. That can be especially true when the protection is tied up as part of a super fund. That is one of the reasons why it is imperative that you consult with our expert super and income protection team so that we can assess your policies.

You, like so many Australians, may have a source of financial aid you were not aware of, and at KINGSLEY LAWSON LAWYERSX, we will quickly ascertain if you have a hidden income protection compensation policy – and guide you through the steps you’ll need to take to access that.

How does KINGSLEY LAWSON LAWYERS help with super and income protection claims?

Often, getting on top of income protection claims or a super fund negotiation can be as simple as getting in touch and letting us act on your behalf. When you need the best income protection lawyers Sydney and Brisbane KINGSLEY LAWSON LAWYERS is here to assist. We are here to be on your side and after reviewing your documents, our experts will provide help by:

– Taking care of and lodging necessary forms and documents

– Assessing requests for additional information and negotiating with insurers or funds

– Making sure medical assessments are fair

– Keeping things moving and identifying insurance company delay tactics

– Disputing an adverse insurer decision if your insurance claim

– Advising on tribunals and ombudsman procedures

It’s free to get it touch with KINGSLEY LAWSON LAWYERS, so call us today

When you need to claim on income protection, you need experienced income protection lawyers on your side. At KINGSLEY LAWSON LAWYERS, we have teams that specialise in the complex law governing super fund and income protection.

Navigating these complex systems is what we do, and we will be happy to assess your claim, build a robust case for you, and get you back on track as soon as possible. We help thousands of Australians every year bt negotiating with super funds and income protection insurers to achieve positive outcomes, so call us on KINGSLEY LAWSON LAWYERS to see how we can assist you.

We know that the time to make an income protection claim is usually a very stressful and troubling time, and our income protection solicitors do their level best to make income protection claims pass as smoothly as possible.

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