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NSW Dust Disease Compensation Claim Lawyers

New South Wales-based workers who contract a work-related dust disease may be eligible to claim compensation under the Workers’ Compensation (Dust Diseases) Act 1942. In some cases, the dependants of affected NSW workers may also be entitled to receive support.

If you have contracted a Dust Disease at Work compensation lawyers are the specialists recommended to represent you. It is essential that you choose a lawyer with expertise and experience in the relevant legal area. At KINGSLEY LAWSON LAWYERS, our dust disease dispute lawyers have a wealth of experience helping people like you reach successful outcomes.

Dust diseases are respiratory illnesses, sometimes acquired at work. Most are unfortunately impossible to reverse, and tragically, many sufferers die. Dust diseases have a devastating impact on the lives of sufferers, as well as on the lives of their families.


Experts in dust disease legislation – what you can expect from us

Here at Kingsley Lawson Lawyers, our specialist teams of dust disease care lawyers are committed to helping people impacted by dust disease. Compensation can never make up for the impact of illness or loss, but it can help make the lives of sufferers and their families a little easier.

Dust diseases come in many forms. If you have been diagnosed with any of the following illnesses, you might be able to make a dust disease compensation claim:

– Asbestosis

– Asbestos induced carcinoma

– Asbestos-related pleural diseases

– Bagassosis

– Berylliosis

– Byssinosis

– Coal dust pneumoconiosis

– Farmers’ lung

– Hard metal pneumoconiosis

– Mesothelioma

– Silicosis

– Silico-tuberculosis

– Talcosis

– Aluminosis

Dust diseases are debilitating illnesses, medically described as latent onset diseases because they are typically acquired over lengthy periods. The symptoms of dust diseases, and the damage they do often don not become visible until years after a worker has been exposed to a harmful contaminant.

That complicates dust disease cases significantly, and our specialist dust disease compensation lawyers need all their years of experience in the field to close hundreds of cases for our clients successfully.

The legislation concerned with dust disease should be navigated only by the most experienced lawyers. Dust disease cases are often the result of tragic circumstances, and compensation can change the lives of those affected. At Kingsley Lawson Lawyers; our experts will guide you every step of the way with your own dust disease claim. Our aim is always to provide the support you need, at the time you need it most.

Claiming compensation for dust diseases

A statutory no-fault scheme is administered by the Workers Compensation (Dust Diseases Authority) of New South Wales (DDA) to provide compensation and health care support to those who have been affected by dust disease. That support extends to members of the sufferer’s family.

New South Wales workers diagnosed with work-related dust disease are advised to seek expert assessment to find out if they are eligible for compensation under the DDA scheme. In order to qualify for compensation, workers are generally required to show that they have been exposed to harmful dust particulates during the course of their duties as employees in New South Wales. They must also show that they have become affected by a disease, or diseases, covered by the DDA scheme.

Claimants must undergo medical examinations by a specialist respiratory physician. Examinations include a chest x-ray, and either a lung function test, a CT scan, or both of the two.

Dust disease assistance is only a phone call away

Here at KINGSLEY LAWSON LAWYERS, we have helped many clients with dust disease claims, and we understand what a terrible effect these illnesses can have on lives and families. From the moment you make contact with us, we will endeavour to do everything in our power, turning our considerable expertise to the purpose of protecting your right to claim.

Our expert teams of dust disease lawyers are compassionate in the way they approach cases, assisting sufferers tirelessly. Contact us on KINGSLEY LAWSON LAWYERS today to access the best dust disease compensation lawyers available. Our personnel are considerate in the way they assess claims and determined in the way they pursue compensation.

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