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Products that you use and buy should not cause you loss or injury. When they do, you may be able to make a product liability claim for compensation. Product liability law exists to protect you when good or products are faulty or defective and cause you injury or loss. At Kingsley Lawson Lawyers, our specialist product liability lawyers can help you through a product liability claim.


Is my product liability claim valid?

Under the Australian Consumer Law, manufacturers and suppliers of products owe consumers statutory guarantees. In certain respects they must ensure that the goods and servies they supply are safe for use by consumers. In order for you to lodge a successful claim for compensation to cover your loss or injury, our team of lawyers will need to show that:

– The product manufacturer or producer was engaged in ‘trade or commerce’ and made a ‘supply’ to a ‘consumer’

– The goods or services did not comply with the statutory standard, and;

– That this breach of statutory guaranteecaused you to suffer loss, damage or injury

The moment you get in contact with Kingsley Lawson Lawyers, our highly specialised lawyers will begin to assess your situation so they can give you an indication of whether you have a claim. It is essential to act as soon as you experience a loss or an injury due to a faulty product, and it is important you get advice from our specialist team of product liability claims lawyers.

How much will it cost to make a product liability claim?

At Kingsley Lawson Lawyers, our mission is to ensure that if you have been injured or suffered a loss, you will receive the specialised legal help and advice you need – no matter what your financial position. The right to be protected by consumer laws is important, and we offer our services on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Our lawyers will guide you through the process of making a product liability claim from start to finish. There are no fees to pay so long as you attend to things we need so we can progress your claim until your claim is successful. The costs total will depend on the work required to resolve your case, but we can review your situation and give an estimate that will generally be very accurate unless something unforeseen occurs.

I have suffered a loss or injury due to a defective product. What should I do?

– It is essential to act fast when you have been the victim of a faulty product. Doing the right things immediately after the event can significantly increase the chances of your claim being successful. You will need to gather as much evidence as possible. You should:

– Seek medical treatment immediately. Do not put it off and explain fully to your doctor what caused your injury.

– Keep any medical reports, records and receipts associated with medical examinations, doctor or hospital visits, and medical bills     and expenses. Documents like these can be just as useful for proving dates as recouping money.

– Take photos of your injuries and the place or risk that caused your injury.

– Keep any appropriate records which serve as evidence of your loss of earnings.

– Keep the product that caused you the loss or injury. Do NOT return it for a refund until you have sought legal advice and been     advised it is safe to do that.

As your lawyers, we will also obtain evidence for your claim, including medical reports and expert opinions. However, all evidence is valuable, and some of it may only be available in the immediate aftermath of the event.

What can I seek product liability compensation for?

Our expert product liability claims lawyers can help people when they have been unfortunate enough to suffer loss or damage because of a faulty or defective product or goods. They will help you to seek compensation for:

– Injury to the person making a claim, including physical or psychological harm or loss, both in the past and in the future.

– Injuries or death to another individual.

– Medical and rehabilitation expenses associated with the injury or loss.

– Past and future loss of earnings connected with the loss or injury.

– A monetary or economic loss that is related to damage caused to other goods, land, building or fixture.

Do not run out of time, call us today

Strict time limits apply when you are making a product liability claim, so it is important to get in touch with Kingsley Lawson Lawyers as quickly as possible. Australian product liability laws are complex and the sooner you start to build your claim the less likely it is that problems occur later. Some types of cases remain possible three years after the time you became aware of an issue, so it is always beset to seek advice from a professional product liability claim lawyer.

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