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Will And Estates Laws

Making a Will is important for everyone over 18 to make sure their wishes are followed and their assets are distributed as they would want after they pass away. If you don’t have a Will your assets will be divided […]

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They may be legally liable for the injury

Compensation for Attending Horrific Accident

A landmark decision of the Supreme Court has shed new light on whether motorists (and their insurers) owe a ‘duty of care’ to prevent psychological harm to police officers who attend motor vehicle accidents in their line of work. The […]

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Family Law

Family Matters And Domestic Relations

Family Law is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations. It is one of the most sensitive areas of law as separating from a partner can be traumatic with many practical and financial considerations […]

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Motor accidents

Motor accidents over the holidays

Christmas holidays are usually a time to relax, catch up with old friends and attend lots of gatherings and parties. Unfortunately it’s during these joyous times that there is a rise in hazards and accidents. The most common type of […]

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Public Liability Claims in NSW

Many people do not realise that they may be entitled to compensation after sustaining injuries that are included in what is described as a ‘public liability’ claim. If you have sustained a personal injury in a public place like a […]

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Pedestrian Injury

Pedestrian Injury Compensation

The District Court at Brisbane has dismissed a CTP personal injury claim by a pedestrian who was run down by a bus in Adelaide Street, between Officeworks and the Brisbane Arcade. At the time of the accident, the injured Plaintiff […]

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