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Many people do not realise that they may be entitled to compensation after sustaining injuries that are included in what is described as a ‘public liability’ claim.

If you have sustained a personal injury in a public place like a shopping centre, restaurant or pub it can be quite traumatic, particularly if the injury sustained keeps you out of work and renders it difficult to remain active and on top of that is painful and restricts your mobility.

What is commonly called a public liability claim

 In this article we will explain the types of incidents that commonly fall within what could be called a ‘public liability’ claim.

A claim for personal injury due to this type of claim is governed by the Civil Liability Act 2002.

The owner of the shopping centre, pub or restaurant or the concerned local authority should ensure the safety of the general public from such accidents by adopting appropriate measures to minimise risks.   If they fail in this obligation, they may be legally liable for the injury.