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Insurance premiums are big business in Australia, and we spend millions of dollars as a nation each year on general insurance policies. These policies are essential for protecting our possessions, assets and even our businesses.

General insurance policies come in many forms. Home and Contents insurance is essential for homeowners. Business insurance forms the basis of any good risk management strategy. Different insurers present various terms, incentives, and costs. Excesses differ wildly from policy to policy and premiums range over just as broad a spectrum, so it’s difficult to compare between insurance policies with any degree of certainty.


Making an insurance claim

Making an insurance claim means you’ve experienced something out of the ordinary. Life is unpredictable, and insurance is one of the ways we deal with that. Policies give peace of mind when it comes to events which aren’t entirely within our control. When you need to, claiming insurance can be a life-saver – so it’s essential to deal with making a claim in the right way.

Most of us don’t thoroughly read policy documents until we need to, so when you need to claim, check your documents carefully and determine exactly what you’re covered for. That will dictate what you can claim for too.

It’s best to document insurance claim events as soon as you can do so. List stolen or damaged items while everything is fresh in your mind, and take more photos than you need. If you’ve retained receipts for stolen or lost items, including them with your claim documentation will speed up the claim process, as they serve as a great way to value objects.

Once you’ve made a claim, no matter how smoothly things seem to be going, it’s advisable to keep a record of all aspects of communication between you and the insurer, and any other parties. Telephone calls, emails and correspondence, along with any exchanges with assessors who attend may well help an insurance dispute lawyer further down the line.

If your insurer makes an offer to settle your claim, give it careful consideration before you accept, and don’t be afraid to reject. Most of us pay out premiums for years without making a claim. Settlements are supposed to be fair, and accurately compensate for loss or damage you’ve experienced. Don’t settle for anything less than what’s right. If you have doubts about a settlement offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kingsley Lawson. Our insurance dispute lawyers have the expertise to quickly assess claims and settlements based on the terms of your insurance coverage.

Disputes between general insurance providers and customers – what you can do when insurers refuse to pay out

That variety across insurers, and the difference in terms of what their products offer can make insuring your possessions and businesses full of pitfalls – because it’s hard to know what cover you’re getting. Premiums can seem attractive, but when it comes to claiming on general insurance policies, many people get a nasty shock.

Many claims get denied because of exclusions, which are often not made clear when you buy the policy. Insurers will look for reasons to deny a claim and will sometimes turn to unpaid premiums or non-disclosure of facts affecting coverage – something may have changed concerning an insured item, business or property since you took out the policy. Insurers will also assess how you’ve maintained property and whether or not they can reason it influenced damage, for instance, during a storm or flood.

An insurance policy document serves as a contract between yourself and your insurer. Even when an insurer flatly denies a claim, there is room for interpretation of the terms of your agreement – so don’t give up. If you’ve reached a stalemate with your insurer – and even if you’d like to act before that happens – our insurance claim lawyers can help.

How much will it cost to get help with a general insurance dispute?

Getting help with a disputed insurance claim shouldn’t cost the earth, and here at Kingsley Lawson, we believe that your finances shouldn’t affect your rights. We’re committed to providing cost-effective access to expert legal representation when insurance claim disputes arise. We’ll provide you with a Costs Agreement, which is a comprehensive cost estimate which covers our fees and legal services – before we begin the process of taking care of your claim.

Help with disputed general insurance claims starts with a phone call

Every day in Australia, disputes arise between insurers and customers. Each year, our expert teams of insurance disputes solicitors help thousands of you to get a fairer result from insurance companies. Our insurance team know general insurance inside-out. If you’re having a problem, the first step is to get expert help.

Taking on big insurers is an impossible task for individuals. Insurance companies have access to inexhaustible supplies of legal experts. When it comes to getting a fair deal with general insurance, sometimes you’ll need to enlist the help of an insurance claim lawyer. At Kingsley Lawson , our knowledge of general insurance, and our dedication to insurance justice can be the asset you need when an insurance company denies your claim. Call us on 1800 960 096 today for a no-obligation initial assessment of your specific circumstances

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